Our comprehensive SaaS solution is tailored to the unique needs of liquor stores looking to streamline their delivery services & boost sales. We offer a range of features designed to enhance your operations & increase your liquor sales.


Store owners, using our system, are loving the benefits working with LiquorSplit!


"Paying a flat $50 monthly fee is worth it to have LiquorSplit handle all the details and tracking for me with DoorDash. They've been a nightmare for me, but not since LiquorSplit came onboard." Saleem (General Manager in Tampa, FL)


"I couldn't keep up with inventory and pricing on multiple platforms before LiquorSplit leading to working with less channels and dealing with tons of cancellations as well as unhappy customers. I don't struggle with that anymore and best part is I didn't have to hire staff to do it. That would cost me a lot more than $50/month/channel. Great value!" Rashaan (Owner in Miramar, FL)


"We do a lot of promotion in our local community, but didn't have a way to tie that into immediate sales till we got our own web and app presence through LiquorSplit. I passed on other website services, because they wanted to take 10% of my profits, causing me to have to raise my fees to compensate. I knew customers wouldn't like that. Spending just $25/month so I can sell at shelf price to my customers who want pick-up or delivery is perfect and keeps them coming back vs losing them to my competitions." Sonia (Owner in Miami, FL)


"Our team is low tech so couldn't take advantage of E-comm. Thanks to LiquorSplit's system we are producing about $300,000 in E-comm sales every year and growing. Thanks LiquorSplit!" Kero (Owner in Nashville, TN)


"Freeing up my time & eliminating the headaches I faced with 3rd party sales channels is totally worth the $50/month I pay per channel. Without them doing all of that for me, I wanted to quit DoorDash and UberEats, every other week.” D.E (Owner in Dallas, TX)


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These features are just a glimpse of what LiquorSplit can offer your store. We're committed to providing you with the tools & support you need to take your liquor store's Ecomm sales to the next level.

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