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Are you an alcohol retailer fed up with Ecomm headaches?

See how LiquorSplit offers a better way!

We'll be your partner for ecomm sales & delivery

  • Enjoy Exclusive Sales Territory For Your Store
  • Geofenced Sales Region Just For Your Store In Your Local Area
  • E-Comm Website & App For Your Store
  • Offer Lower Cost To Consumers Because Of Our Lower Fees
  • We'll Help Prevent Missed & Cancelled Order
  • Our Staff Handles Substitution Assistance Utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Detailed Sales & Ops Reports & Weekly Direct Deposits
  • Live Support Channel (Reach A Real Person For Help)
  • Loyalty Reward Program Securing More Customers (We Cover The Costs)

1. Grow Liquor Sales

Unlike other apps, we ensure your territory so you can grow new customers without competition.

2. Customer Loyalty

Utilize our national built-in loyalty program to drive increased cart values & repeat business. We cover the costs for you.

3. Real-Time Order Oversight

Track deleveries in real time to protect your store. Eliminate lost orders & keep customers better informed via automated & realtime customer service that we provide for your store - plus live customer support.

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Benefits of Our Liquor Delivery Platform

FAQs you may be wondering about…

What makes LiquorSplit better for a store owner or customer?

LiquorSplit’s SaaS Platform augments an owners staff, reducing cost to onboard, update and manage 3rd party sales channels. Plus using their own LiquorSplit web and app, they gain a safe way to sell to customers at their in-store pricing due to the ultra low fees and protected sales area. Customers win with better prices and supply of their wants because LiquorSplit shares those insights with our area partners.

How quickly can I start selling on LiquorSplit’s platform?

Our team can get you selling with LiquorSplit in as little as two weeks and typically 30 days for other 3rd party sites, assuming you’ve provided all the necessary documentation and set us up with access to your POS for inventory management.

What documentation will you need for my store to get started?

LiquorSplit legally operates in the three-tier system, which we take seriously. We will require proof of current state liquor license and sales tax certification, proof of ID for authorized agent for the liquor license owner, and W9. To set up your direct deposit for sales revenue we will require a voided check image to confirm accuracy for those weekly deposits.

Is online buying & 3rd party delivery legal in my area?

LiquorSplit is designed to legally operate in a three-tier system helping our partners utilize technology to bring their inventory to customers online to buy. We have legal teams that specialize in liquor law to determine if we can work together in your specific area.

Who does the deliveries & who pays for delivery fee?

LiquorSplit can work with an owner’s store run delivery system or third-party delivery services in the states where it is allowed and available. Stores and their staff maintain and control the alcohol and are responsible for proper review of age requirements during that exchange. We collect delivery fees from consumers to pay the delivering party for you.

Are there special permits I’ll need for my store to deliver?

Laws can vary, so we strongly recommend you contact the regulatory authorities in your area to ensure you’re properly certified to deliver alcohol to customers.

Your Success, Our Priority

At LiquorSplit, we're committed to your success. We're here to help you streamline your liquor store's delivery operations and achieve your business goals. With our platform, you can offer a first-class delivery experience to your customers and stay ahead of the competition. Ready to take your liquor store's delivery service to the next level?

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