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In the vast expanse of West Texas, Odessa stands as a beacon of Texan pride and rugged individualism. As the city bustles with life, residents and visitors alike indulge in the pleasure of fine spirits delivered conveniently to their doorsteps, thanks to LiquorSplit alcohol delivery services. From the comfort of their homes, Odessa residents can now access a wide array of alcoholic drinks, including distilled liquor and spirits, without the hassle of leaving their homes. Embrace the convenience of alcohol delivery in Odessa, making your gatherings, parties, and celebrations truly unforgettable. Cheers to an exceptional service that brings the party to you-sign up and order today!

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Nestled in the heart of the Permian Basin, Odessa boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. But beyond its oil-rich landscape lies a city steeped in intriguing facts and anecdotes. Throughout history, Odessa has been a melting pot of diverse cultures and influences, shaping its unique drinking culture. Whether it's gin infused with botanicals or rum distilled from sugarcane, Odessa offers a plethora of choices to satisfy every palate. What once was home to the 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, Odessa, TX is undeniably filled with history, culture, and the indomitable spirit of the Lone Star State. Come experience the charm and allure of Odessa, where every street corner holds a story waiting to be discovered!

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In Odessa, these breweries stand out for their innovative approach for both beer and cocktails, making them must-visit destinations for any discerning drinker.

Basin Brewers

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Basin Brewers

Basin Brews stands out for its unique approach to crafting beer, liquor, and other alcoholic beverages. With a focus on using added sugars and fermentation processes, they produce a diverse range of drinks that cater to every taste preference. From refreshing ales to complex spirits, Basin Brews offers a delightful drinking experience for locals and visitors alike.

Black Gold Brewing

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Black Gold Brewing

In Odessa, Texas, Black Gold Brewing Co. stands as a celebrated establishment, renowned for its exceptional craft beers. Unlike beer, their expertly distilled spirits, meticulously crafted through the distillation process, offer a unique experience for patrons seeking hard liquor. With early evidence of brewing dating back to the ninth century CE, Black Gold Brewing Co. embodies the essence of Odessa's vibrant drinking culture. Their carefully curated selection of beverages, including gin, vodka, whiskey, and rum, pays homage to the city's rich history and serves as a testament to the centuries-old tradition of distillation. Visitors can indulge in the intoxicating allure of these distilled spirits while enjoying the flavors of Odessa, Texas.

West Texas Distillery

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West Texas Distillery

West Texas Distillery is renowned for its dedication to producing high-quality distilled beverages. Using age-old techniques and locally sourced ingredients, they create a wide variety of spirits, including whiskey, gin, and rum. Their commitment to excellence and passion for the art of distillation make them a beloved fixture in the Odessa drinking community.


If there's one thing Texans know how to do, it's mix a mean drink. Here are a few of the iconic cocktails of Odessa:

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Originating in West Texas and popularized by cattle ranchers in the 60's, this fizzy drink is a simple mixture of tequila, lime juice, and sparkling water. Ranch Water is a quintessential Texan cocktail, typically served in a tall glass filled with ice. Basically, it's the epitome of a summer refresher, with its light and effervescent liquid capturing the essence of a day spent under the hot Texas sun.

Texas Fever.png


The combination of pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine creates a sweet and tangy taste, while the addition of vodka, spiced rum, and fireball adds a kick of alcohol. The Texas Fever Water Cocktail is a classic Texan libation with deep roots in the state's rich drinking culture. Presenting a unique blend of flavors, this cocktail is typically served in its traditional form, boasting a harmonious mixture of spirits and flavorings that perfectly describe the essence of the Lone Star State. With every serving, this cocktail embodies the spirit of the country, offering a taste of Odessa in liquid form.


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